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Broadsided Press
Broadsided Press 
Elizabeth Bradfield, Founder.
This press gets poetry and art back on the street, in the coffeehouses, on the bus or wherever you may care to post it. Beautiful, FREE broadsides to download, on current topics.  I am loving the Seeds of Aleppo by my poet friend Tiffany Higgins http://tifhiggins.blogspot.com/search/label/Poems, and art by Sarah Van Sanden, on the Syrian refugee crisis. A brilliant idea, and many diverse poets and artists represented.

concīs (aka concis) magazine| a journal of brevity
—the first project from concīs publishing—is an online and e-pub journal devoted to brevity: the succinct, pithy, condensed, laconic, crisp, compressed and compendious. It’s simple in approach and simple in design…but not simple-minded. Genre—if you believe in such labels—is unimportant: poems, prose poems, flash fictions, micro-essays, reviews in miniature, sudden fictions, haiku, tanka, American Sentences, insights, epigrams, the unclassifiable…they’re all good. These words are from editors Chris Lott, Galen Dotey and Christopher Miles. If you stream it, you get really really good poetry in your inbox or on Facebook.

Janice Lee, Executive Editor.
A wonderful compendium of an online magazine: literature, film, games, sci-fi, fantasy and more.

the Imaginists
the Imaginists
Brent Lindsay, Amy Pinto, creators. This is the most exciting theater I have ever seen. The Imaginists company produces original works, and the originality extends to every facet of production, from script and sets to music to location, etc. Every summer they make a bicycle tour in the city of Santa Rosa, and produce Arte es Medicina, a bilingual piece for children (in recent productions based on the works of Federico Garcia Lorca, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Pedro Calderon.) The rest of the season is often experimental, intense, surprising, thoughtful and humorous work, always with a little sting of provocation.They collaborate with local community and with companies from other localities and countries.The Imaginists are constantly working toward a free theater... meaning a theater where anyone can come, for free. This year I am, proudly, on the board.

A daily or weekly email imagined and collated by friend Chris Lott.  A quick read with Word of the day, Work of the day (an excerpt that often contains the Word) and Web, with links to click on if you have a little more time.  A daily boost of marvels.

 Kyoto Journal
This beautifully put together magazine used to be in print only. Now it's online only, and is just as visually beautiful as it was in print.  Articles, poetry, art, culture about Kyoto and the whole Pacific Rim, including history and present day topics, events and people. It's the best.

Les Femmes Folles
 A tumblr with interviews of women artists and writers, which includes photos and text of work. Sally Deskins, artist, began this tumblr as a tribute to her friend, artist Wanda Ewing, and the interview questions are on point.

Pécs Writer's Program Residency
Residencies in the beautiful Hungarian city of Pécs, whose history is visible in mosques, cathedrals and catacombs, as well as museums and the Zolnay Cultural Quarter, with world famous historical ceramic pieces and many cultural events, musical, theatrical, and more. Established by writer Károly Méhes and Eniko Kulcsár.

Susana Amundaraín
Artist, librettist, scenic designer. “Susana Amundaraín’s luminous, layered abstractions are beautiful and profound. With them this Venezuelan artist simultaneously addresses aesthetic as well as philosophical issues (…) Amundaraín has almost always made work that is non-representational. For her this is a commitment, not a fad. ”

Spanish language online magazine with some English translations.  Columns on art, philosophy, life by one of my favorite artists, Susana Amundaraín.

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